Why Qigong is Brilliant

by Marcus on January 24, 2011

So what are we really dealing with here? What is the cause of this physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual illness or problem we are experiencing? Is it an excess of Yin? Qi stagnation? Heat in the blood?

In a living body millions of different functions occur simultaneously. Each one has it’s own ideal balance of yin and yang.

It can be very difficult to diagnose where exactly the problem is. The great thing about practicing Qigong is that we don’t need to know where the problem is or what is causing the problem.

From the Qigong perspective there is only a problem of energy. Not diabetes, not cancer, not heart disease or asthma. It’s a malfunction of energy. When we practice Qigong our aim is to generate energy flow.

Qi has an intelligence all of its own. When left alone during “energy flow” it will naturally flow to the areas of low energy. That’s the purpose of energy flow during our Qigong practice.

Do you have to concentrate or perform mental gymnastics to digest your food, to heal a cut or a bruise, to keep breathing when you go to sleep at night?

No, of course you don’t. So afford Qi the same courtesy during energy flow. Let go, do nothing, let everything be done for you.

There is a reason that Qigong was the preferred healing method of Emperors. They did not want to risk the dangers of being cut open, or risk being poisoned by a doctor with a grudge prescribing herbs.

Now you too can benefit from the brilliance of Qigong.

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