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by Marcus on August 7, 2011

I believe that your success with Qigong is dependent upon your level of skill, not on what Qigong exercises you practice.

A Qigong master could practice the ‘lowest’ qigong exercise and gain better results than a beginner practicing the ‘highest’ qigong exercise.


Simply because the masters skill level is far higher than the beginner.

Avoid being seduced by ‘NEW’, it is the second most powerful word in a marketers toolbox. You don’t need to learn new exercises, you need to practice the ones you know in order to develop Qigong skills.

I’m human, I admit that sometimes I might get a little bored with my Qigong practice. So every now and then I might practice a new exercise in order to introduce a little uncertainty back into my training.

But I’d say 95 sessions out of a 100 you’ll find me practicing the same exercise and this allows me to work on skills.

Did I mention that skills are far more important than qigong exercises? I hope you’ve got the message.

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