The Emperor

by Marcus on February 28, 2011

In TCM terms the Heart is called the Emperor. when it is ‘open’ it benefits all the emotions.

  • It is the supreme controller of the systems of the body. If it is functioning well then you feel at peace, but if it’s functioning is chaotic then you may well experience feeling out of control.
  • The Heart governs the balance between the formation of blood and Qi. Strong Qi requires nourishment from the blood. Overworking can deplete Heart Qi, Heart Qi keeps blood circulating.
  • It controls the movment of blood in the vessels – the heart maintains the condition of the blood vessels and regulate blood flow.
  • The Heart houses the Shen (Mind/Spirit) – it controls the way the brain thinks and feels.
  • The Heart expresses its condition through the complexion and opens into the tongue. The colour and texture of the tongue, particularly its tip and the clarity of speech reflects the health of the heart. The Heart is closely linked with the sense of taste.

How is your sleep? Sleep is always related to the Heart. Lots of dreams – Heart energy is out of balance. Nightmares – Heart energy is VERY out of balance.

The Pericardium is called ‘The Guard’ in TCM because it protects the Heart.

The easiest way to improve the functioning of the heart is through the practice of Qigong.

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