The 5 Major Causes Of Poor Qigong Results

by Marcus on April 20, 2011

The 5 major causes of poor results from your Qigong practice are:

  1. What you are practicing is not Qigong – it is Qigong form. Qigong is a composite of form, energy and mind. If you only practice Qigong form you will only get the benefit of Qigong form and not Qigong.
  2. You do not practice regularly or consistently – Qigong is no 30 day miracle cure. Progress with Qigong takes time and effort. It is not for lazy people who want everything doing for them.
  3. You intellectualize – if the mind is busy worrying about your form, about that bill, about that meeting tomorrow. It isn’t relaxed and it disrupts your practice.
  4. You do not relax – if you can’t relax you can’t do Qigong. If you have OCD, rest assured that with repeated practice you can learn to relax.
  5. You are distracted – which stops Qi flow.

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