Qigong Checkpoints

by Marcus on December 27, 2011

Today I’d like to share with you one of the habits I attribute to my continued success in gaining significant benefits from my Qigong training.

As I’m sure you know I’m a great believer in the saying:

‘What gets measured gets managed’ – Peter Drucker

It’s why I and all my students use a weekly or monthly progress tracker tool and if you’re serious about your Qigong results then you should too.

I like to take this a step further by using ‘Checkpoints‘. I’ve found that my training really keeps on focus if each year I schedule 6 check points. I typically have them every 2 months.

My last checkpoint was today I always make sure that I have a checkpoint on my birthday too. Each checkpoint is celebrated with lots of chocolate =)

During each checkpoint I look at my progress tracker results in 4 key areas:

  1. Morning Energy Levels
  2. Immunity To Colds and Other Bugs
  3. Sleep Quality
  4. Ability To Cope With Worry

These are just the ones that are important to me, you should choose your own. I also like to review my aims and objectives during a checkpoint too.

The results of this examination help me to make any necessary course adjustments and gain confidence that my training is working.

Checkpoints allow me to measure my long term progress and keep me excited about my practice. Which I know some long time practitioners find very tough.

If more people would use frequent, regular, scheduled checkpoints – instead of just one, New Years Resolutions anyone? Then more people would stick with their Qigong training and gain the many wonderful benefits of it.

Key message: regular tracking of key areas is vital for your success and motivation.

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