Overtraining In Qigong

by Marcus on March 18, 2011

It is possible to overtrain in Qigong. If your body is used to 10 units of energy a day and you start pouring in 20 units per practice session and you’re doing too many sessions, then is it any wonder your body gets overloaded and feels tired?

Where I live the TV signal is very weak and the reception is poor. The solution is to use a booster to boost the signal strength. I decided to max out the signal strength to my set and discovered that the picture was terrible. I was later informed that too much signal strength is as bad as not enough. Your body is like this and needs to adjust gradually to the increase in energy.

Perhaps the easiest area to over train though is when developing Internal force. Trust me, I speak from personal experience on this. And one of the most common signs is a heaviness in the chest where the sternum is.

If you experience this, or you experience feeling more tired than usual then the solution is to slow down and stop your practice until the symptoms have passed.

When you start your practice again, maybe just do one session for a week then go to two sessions. If you’re practicing Zhan Zhuang then build up again gradually. Don’t start from where you left off. I.e. if you were up to 100 breaths in Golden Bridge, start at 30 and build up. Don’t start at 100!

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