Overcome and Prevent Pain and Illness

by Marcus on June 30, 2011

The same qigong exercises that can be used to overcome pain and illness, can also be used to prevent pain and illness, to increase vitality, promote mental clarity and enhance spiritual cultivation.

Many people are amazed and then confused by this marvelous attribute of Qigong. How is this possible?

Qigong achieves two fundamental tasks -> Cleansing and building. Some qigong exercises emphasize one task more than the other, but here’s the important part – all of them achieve both tasks.

The key is energy flow.

You don’t even need to know whether you should cleanse or build, just enjoy your energy flow, let go, do nothing and let everything be done for you.

Leave it to your Qi, to God, to Tao.


  1. Smooth energy flow = good health
  2. vigorous energy flow = good health and vitality
  3. Abundant energy flow = good health, vitality and longevity

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