It’s Natural To Be Healthy

by Marcus on July 12, 2011

Today I was reminded that:

  • We are constantly exposed to disease causing agents.
  • Our bodies are overcoming serious illnesses regularly without our even being aware of it.
  • There are millions of germs in our body and many of them are deadly and yet we don’t get sick.


Because it is natural to be healthy. Recall that in Qigong there is only one illness, regardless of what we call the symptoms. That illness is Yin Yang disharmony.

When it comes to health, Yin is used to symbolize our bodies natural ability to respond appropriately to our ever changing internal and external environment. Yang is used to symbolize anything that causes illness.

Practicing Qigong helps our bodies to continue to respond appropriately to anything that causes illness – this is what it means to be healthy.

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