Ink In Water

by Marcus on August 27, 2011

Imagine a pint glass filled with water.

Then imagine putting a single drop of ink into the glass. That drop would make no difference to the color of the water.

Now imagine that every day you put a single drop of ink into the glass.

After a week you’d possibly notice a light blue tinge to the water if you held it up against a pure white background.

After a month the water would be a little darker. By the time you’d done this for a year, the water would now be pretty blue.

Though I’m going to have to test this in the interests of being thorough!

So what? You might be asking.

Well this is a great metaphor for your Qigong training.

Early on in your ‘career’ you’ll notice hardly any changes for your effort. After a short while you begin to see a slight change, then after a year you’ll see real changes.

This is exactly like your Qigong training, it has an accumulative effect that only shows significant results after a long period of time.

Well, long by most people’s standards.

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