Growing Pains

by Marcus on December 10, 2011

There are growing pains associated with undertaking any new endeavor and Qigong training is no exception.

Sometimes moving forward can seem overwhelming and progress may feel non existent. Sometimes it can seem like you’re never going to remember what comes next and even trying to find time to practice can seem impossible.

And once the ‘honeymoon’ period wears off, the desire to practice, like a candle flame can easily be extinguished.

Here are 3 tips that can help you through your Qigong growing pains:

1) Progress not perfection
As long as you follow the instructions you are given to the best of your ability, that is enough. Give yourself permission not to be perfect.

When you start out on your Qigong training it’s okay to forget things. It’s okay to make mistakes. It is unreasonable and cruel to expect yourself to be perfect straight out of the gate. As long as you are making progress with your practice that’s good enough.

2) Don’t Think, Do
Ever heard the saying ‘paralysis by analysis?‘ That’s what happens when you think about things too much. Thinking too much is a major hurdle for many Qigong practitioners. The key is to stop thinking and do.

Stop thinking about how to do a qigong exercise and just do it. Stop thinking about how to practice and practice. Stop thinking about the best time or place to practice and practice.

The process of doing often helps to fill in the blanks of your understanding. Doing can give you insights that thinking usually can’t.

3) Plateaus
There will be pockets of time during your training when it seems that you are going nowhere fast. Your Progress Tracker scores aren’t going up, some of them may even be going down!

You can’t seem to make any progress towards your aims and objectives.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is completely normal. Plateaus are an essential part of growth. Growth is very rarely linear. There will always be peaks and troughs.

The point to remember is that plateaus are a precursor to growth. If you have the discipline and determination to keep moving forward.

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