Frankensteins Qigong Monster

by Marcus on March 8, 2011

Whether you’ve learned Qigong from me or another suitably qualified Qigong teacher – follow the instructions you have been given. If your Qigong teacher tells you to breathe out through the nose, breathe out through the nose.

Remember Qigong has a long history and many different schools and styles – there is no ONE way to get the results of Qigong. The worst thing you can do as a Qigong student is to cut and paste techniques from other schools and other styles. Actually, there is something worse you can do, you can take skills and techniques from other disciplines like yoga, reiki, etc and bolt them into your Qigong practice.

When you do this, whether you mean to or not, you are disrespecting your teacher. You are saying that you know better. If you know better then why are you learning from them in the first place?

Now I’m not saying don’t practice other energy arts, or styles of Qigong, let’s get clear on that. What I am saying is don’t change what you’ve been taught.

For example, I’ve had a number of students who have ignored my instructions (deliberately) to breathe out through the mouth, to make sure that their movements are relaxed and gentle and have instead removed these items from their practice and substituted them for techniques from other systems – or even from their own thinking.

Are they still practicing the Qigong I taught them? No, can I help them if they run into difficulties? Perhaps. But I am a master of what I teach, not what they are practicing.

Be a good student avoid building Frankensteins Qigong monster! If you practice more than one energy art, then keep them exclusive from one another.

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