Following Instructions In Qigong

by Marcus on June 8, 2011

A common question I get from Shaolin Qigong students is:

‘Why do we Bang the Heavenly Drum 24 times?”

I dread this question. why? Because I don’t have a ‘proper‘ answer to give. I was present on many occasions when new students would ask this same question of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit and the answers were usually along the lines of:

“Because we do”


“Because we don’t do it 23 times or 25 times”

I began to realise that for some questions we have there are no answers other than ‘because we do.’

It is our job as students to remember that we don’t learn Qigong, we practice Qigong. It is important to ask questions, but it is also important to follow instructions.

Not blindly, never blindly. Blind obedience to a teacher is not something I would encourage. But at the same time respect is important.

If you are unable to respect your teachers instructions, especially after asking a question about it and receiving an unsatisfactory answer (from your view point) – then it might be a good idea for you to change teachers.

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