Comparing Results

by Marcus on January 4, 2011

It’s normal for us to want to compare the results of our Qigong practice with those of our friends. But there is a danger attached to this activity.

When I first started practicing Qigong I was often jealous of the reports of my fellow practitioners. Reports of cosmic experiences, visits by Boddhisatvas, being aware of spirits and receiving great wisdom from ancient masters.

But my practice was very unremarkable or spectacular. Or so I thought. And I nearly quit on a number of occasions as a result of comparing my practice results with those of others.

One day, completely unprompted, my wife commented on just how much nicer I was to be around these days. Calmer, more relaxed and less prone to bursts of anger. I also realised that in the last 8 months or so, I couldn’t remember having had a cough, cold or ‘bug’ of any description. This was almost a miracle because I was the kind of person who only had to be looked at by someone with a cold and I’d have it the next day.

I’d been so busy focusing on the seeming grandeur of other peoples results that I’d completely failed to recognise or acknowledge my own achievements.

This taught me a valuable lesson – that the only sensible comparision is with myself.

Todays Reminder:

You compare – you lose. Sure today you might be progressing better than the next person, but sooner or later you’ll come out of a comparison worse. The best way to stop feeling that your Qigong practice is not good enough is to stop comparing altogether. Judge your practice by the benefits you get from it.

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