Can Qigong Boost Self Confidence?

by Marcus on September 10, 2011

A few years ago I was speaking with a friend who is brilliant with the Chinese language. I asked him if he could confirm that the Chinese word for ‘Courage‘ literally translates as ‘Big Gall Bladder‘.

Here’s what he told me:

Cantonese: Tai Tham
Cantonese (Yale): daai6 daam2
Mandarin (Pinyin): da4 dan3

Da Dan means – Being Courage/Big Gall Bladder.

Remember we’re looking at the world through the TCM lens, not the western one in this post.

With this understanding, if we look for qigong exercises that are known to benefit the gall bladder, then it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll help to boost confidence, or give us courage.

Personally, I’d recommend Plucking Stars Change Galaxies and Reverse Hands Bend Waist as two of the best.

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