Anyone Can Start A Race

by Marcus on January 21, 2011

But finishing it is a different matter! Many people start practicing Qigong with unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved *in a short time*. And as a result quit too soon.

In the short term, even after your first practice session, you should feel more relaxed yet alert and clear minded. But you’ll notice that this feeling doesn’t last for long and isn’t strong enough to stand up to the constant stresses and strains of 21st Century life.

Qigong gives incredible benefits, but it takes time. In our ‘Instant’ obsessed culture it is easy to become fed up with your Qigong practice if you don’t realise that it will take *at least* 3 months of daily practice before you can notice significant improvements in your physical health, vitality, clarity of mind, strength of character.

I know this isn’t ‘sexy’ but it’s important you know the truth. Qigong is not a quick fix solution. It takes time to put down a solid, firm foundation upon which you can build the expectations you had for your Qigong when you first started out.

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