You’re In Control At All Times

by Marcus on March 13, 2011

I remember an amusing incident that occurred during one of the first events I organized for my Qigong teacher. Well, it has become amusing with the passage of time.

I was observing a class of around 70 students of varying experience enjoying Qi/Energy flow. Let’s just say it is a rather spectacular event. There were a number of what I call ‘Qi flow superstars’ in the group and watching them running, jumping, groaning, shouting etc is very ‘interesting’. But most people were gently swaying and enjoying this aspect of their practice.

Then I noticed one student bolt for the fire exit at an amazing rate of speed. As the organizer of the event I decided to check and see if he was alright. I found him around the corner, clearly unhappy. I asked him what was the matter, I can still remember his reply to this day:

“When people start behaving like that I end up running for the medicine cabinet”

I asked him what line of work he was in and he replied: “I’m a psychiatric nurse”

The penny dropped and I explained to him that Qi flow is a natural part of Qigong. That the people in the hall had not gone insane, had not been possessed by an evil spirit. That they were in fact in complete control and could easily reduce the ‘ferocity’ of their energy flow should they wish, with a gentle command to ‘slow down’.

Energy flow is a powerful way for our bodies to get rid of blockages in the meridians and therefore promote harmonious energy flow which results in good health. How those blockages are released can manifest in many different ways. The instruction is to let go and let your Qi do the work. But you remain in control at all times, so that should a fire alarm go off – you would leave the building safely.

Enjoy your practice.

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