Qigong Trouble Shooting Tips #1

by Marcus on February 24, 2011

Practicing Qigong is safer (and more fun) than crossing the road, but occasionally problems with practice can occur. Always bear in mind that if problems with your practice persist the best course of action is to stop your practice and seek the assistance of your teacher.

A common problem experienced by new Qigong practitiners is pain or discomfort. The solution usually lies in checking your posture at the location of the pain or discomfort. Energy blockages can easily get located in areas of the body with poor posture – very common with the back.

Check how you are performing your Qigong exercises, there are many patterns where you are required to lean forwards or backwards and new students, and those who learn from books or DVD’s can, in their enthusiasm, easily over do it.

Remember, pain is usually a signal that you are doing something wrong. It is not a something you have to grit your teeth and push through.

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