Qi Flow Vs Qi Drain

by Marcus on March 9, 2011

There are a number of routes the body can use to eliminate the toxic waste (negative Qi) cleared by internal energy flow from the meridians. The mouth is one of the most important and efficient.

Now some of you may be thinking that letting Qi escape is a bad thing as it may make you weak. This simply isn’t true. This view confuses Qi flow (good) with Qi drain (bad)

Qi Flow – by breathing out through your mouth you allow negative Qi to flow out and it is replaced with fresh Qi. This is natural and healthy and occurs without you having to do anything apart from being relaxed and breathing out through your mouth.

Qi Drain – occurs when Qi escapes but no fresh Qi comes in to replace it. Examples of this are over-exertion (often through vigorous exercise), excessive sex, and obsessive thinking. All of these activities result in Qi drain and are to be avoided.

from Shaolin Chi Kung – p.36

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