On Breathing Out Through The Mouth

by Marcus on February 27, 2011

The full name for the type of Qigong I teach is Shaolin Cosmos Qigong, I teach it based on the core principals my teacher taught to me, and that his teacher taught to him and so on.

In this school of Qigong we encourage students to breathe in gently through the nose and out gently through the mouth when practicing Qigong and I’m often asked why. This is my answer.

When we breathe in, we don’t just breathe in air, we also breathe in Qi/Chi/Energy. And when we breathe out, we don’t just breathe out air (with less oxygen in it), we also breathe out Qi. Usually negative Qi.

The term negative Qi is relative, in that it’s negative to us, but to the trees it is positive.

One of the most effective ways of clearing blockages from the meridians of the body is by breathing out negative Qi. The most effective way to get rid of this negative Qi is by breathing out through the mouth.

This facilities good energy flow – we breathe negative energy out through the mouth, and we breathe good energy in through the nose. A useful instruction to a new student is to imagine good energy flowing in as they breathe in through their nose and negative energy flowing our as they breathe out through their mouth.

Many people confuse energy flow with energy drain. Energy flow is natural and healthy. Natural because when we breathe Qi out, fresh Qi comes in. Energy drain is harmful – it is where Qi ‘escapes’ but there is no fresh Qi coming in.

Energy Drain can be caused by over working, excessive sex and too much thinking.

But remember you must practice Qigong the way you have been taught by your teacher. So if you have been instructed to breathe in and out through your nose, then be a good student and follow those instructions.

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